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Michael Cisneros Fine Jewelers

1.39 carats Color Change Sapphire - oval shape

1.39 carats Color Change Sapphire - oval shape

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NOTE: This gemstone is on public display at the San Diego County Fair and will be available to ship after July 10th, 2024

Cut by Michael Cisneros

Price:   $1,946  ($1,400 per carat)

Weight:   1.39 carats 

Dimensions & Shape:   7.8x5.8mm oval shape

Gemstone Variety:   Color Change Sapphire

Color Hue:   teal in daylight, purple in incandescent light

Color Intensity:   medium strong saturation

Origin:   Songea, Tanzania

Treatments:   no treatments, no heating 

Cutting Style:   brilliant cut crown, step cut pavilion

Item ID:  MC-SAP-CC-101

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